Monday, February 18, 2008

Supernatural Superserious

I’m digging the song, though it took some time to grow on me, mostly because I’m a few years past my “teenage station.” I lost track of time yesterday playing around with the website, listening to the various acoustic versions of the song (the take in the sex shop is the best).

It sounds like R.E.M. has finally resolved the problem of how to make an album without a permanent drummer, which has plagued the band since Bill Berry left. They used it to their advantage on Up – which, like New Adventures in Hi-Fi, is sorely underrated – but Reveal and Around the Sun suffered because of it.

Superserious sounds like a real rock song on what could be a kickass album. With Bob Mould also releasing a new album this year, now all I need are new albums from They Might Be Giants and Paul Westerberg. Then all my early 80’s nerd rock dreams will be complete for 2008.

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