Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend Plans of the Nerd Kind (Feb 22nd – Feb 24th)

The D&D group was supposed to convene tonight, but that fell through. It’s a shame – everyone leveled last week and my cleric hit 17. Most of us are graduate students, so we can’t get together but a few times a year. We’ve been playing the same campaign since 2001, and we’re hoping to wrap things up before switching to the 4th Edition – if we switch, of course (more ranting about that to come).

On the 360, I’m going through Bioshock for the second time. The plan was to grab some missed achievements and try out the evil path. But I picked up my first Little Sister, hesitated, and decided that I couldn’t harvest her. I just couldn't. Also got Tomb Raider: Anniversary in the mail courtesy of Gamefly. Yes, I’m playing a Tomb Raider game. Would you kindly shut the hell up about it?

Got Knocked Up and Black Book (2006) checked out from work on DVD. I haven’t seen either, but I should watch Black Book first – it's been checked out for over a month. I haven’t psyched myself up for a depressing movie yet, even one rich with boobies.

It is Paul Verhoeven, after all.

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