Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shoot 'Em Up (Part I)

Shoot ‘Em Up. Man, what a strange movie.

By the end, it lost my interest a bit and, frankly, repulsed me a good deal. I have no problem with violent or gory films, but Shoot ‘Em Up just didn’t sit right with me.

Part of the problem is I watched it by myself. This is a movie to be enjoyed with a friends and a few beers, with people screaming, “Oh, that ain’t right!” with infectious glee at the over the top bloodshed.

Most of the action scenes put a smile on my face. As a director, Michael Davis is clearly influenced more by John Woo than the Wachowski Bros. or Michael Bay. He shoots angles wide enough to take in the action, and holds on each image long enough to follow the action.

And with the exception of the parachute chase and plenty of CG baby, there’s hardly any noticeable wire stunts or digital trickery, and the film is further proof that all you need for a good action scene is to combine a graceful actor with a few trampolines, some good props, and shitload of squibs.

It’s as a writer that Michael Davis has problems.

Wrap it up tomorrow.

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