Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Blood (The Movie - Part II)

and why is the local constabulary of Hope (doh!) made up of some of the most vile, reprehensible dickwads ever committed to film? Seriously, these guys are assholes with extra asshole sauce – there were Nazis in Schindler’s List that were more sympathetic than these jerks. It seems like Stallone wrote them this way so the audience would want Rambo to put the hurt on them – and it cheapens much of the drama of this film.

How the hell does Rambo fail to kill Brian Dennehy while spraying the entire roof of the police station with machine gun fire? It’s not like he’s an easy target to miss. I’m supposed to believe that all those bullets would miss Dennehy except one, which, from a certain point of view, conveniently hits him in the leg? I’m also pretty sure that Dennehy would have bled out long before Rambo was done monologueing.

So, if Rambo doesn’t want to kill anymore, how does he end up single-handily eradicating entire fucking countries off the map over the next three movies, dispensing destruction and woe like one of the Four Italian Stallions of the Apocalypse?

And why the hell do I think this movie rocks?

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