Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fallout 3 (First Day)

* My character is a skinny white nerd with glasses, wearing a brown leather duster and a matching brown fedora, and packing an assault rifle and a silenced pistol. In other words, exactly what I would wear on a daily basis - at work or at play - if I wasn't afraid of being laughed at and/or arrested.

* I got about three hours into Fallout 3 last month before I gave up on it, due to my previous video card's inherent crapness. Also, I spread my attribute and skill points too thinly last time, making the game far too difficult. Now focused on just two attributes (intelligence and agility) and a few skills (small weapons, medicine, energy weapons, repair, and speech). I could still be stretching those skills too thinly, but I wanted them all. So far, this pasty white nerd with glasses is kicking ass and taking names, then putting those names alphabetically into a well-organized spreadsheet on his Pip-Boy 3000.

* I'm currently getting radiation sickness to help out that chick in Megaton, the one writing the survival drinking out of a dirty, irradiated men's room toilet two doors down from her building. It was a quick, easy solution to this quest...but I'm not proud of this. Not proud at all.

* Never been a fan of Bethesda's games. But Fallout 3 has suddenly grabbed my attention and won't let go. Going to get back to it.

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