Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend Plans of Nerd Kind (January 23rd-25th)

Fighting off a sinus infection, so I'm gonna make this quick.

TV and MOVIES: Babylon 5...maybe. Watched the episode that ends the Shadow War on Monday and haven't cared to watch it since. I can't think of a more boring explanation for the Vorlon/Shadow conflict or a more anticlimactic resolution to it - except maybe if their centuries-old conflict started because the Vorlon's drank Miller Lite because it "tastes great," while the Shadow's drank the same beer because it was "less filling," and this conflict was finally settled by a drinking contest, moderated by Captain Sheridan.

I don't know why they ended the show's main story so early in the fourth season, with 30 shows to go in it's intended five-season run.

Other than that, look forward to the end of the Irish monkey hippie two-parter on Clone Wars.

GAMES: Saturday is game night, and we alternate between Heavy Gear and 4th Edition D&D, depending on who shows up. Hoping for Heavy Gear. 4 Ed. is all right, but there's too many modifiers to keep track of, and the combat feels shallow and repetitive after only six levels worth of play. We have less players for 4th Ed., so I'm playing two characters, a dwarf fighter and a dwarf cleric. This is the first time I've played anything but a human in any RPG our group has played, and I'm loving the change. The cleric is growing on me more than the fighter, because the at-will, encounter, and daily powers work better with magic users, and don't totally sync with the martial classes.

Other than that, probably spend most of my time with the beta versions of Quake Live and Dawn of War 2.

BOOKS: About a third of the way through Republic Commando: Triple Zero. It takes awhile for the main story - Omega Squad getting their black ops on in downtown Coruscant - to kick in, but Karen Traviss takes the time to introduce new characters and expand on existing ones. It's time well spent, but I'm ready for the story to get moving.

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Martin M said...

Well, the plot arc does have a sort of beautiful symmetry in which the shadow war is seasons 2-4 and the PsyCorp arc is 1-5. Then again, I had the same reaction that you did to the end of the only story arc that I actually cared about.