Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend Plans of the Nerd Kind (March 13th - March 15th)

WRITING: An odd week, to be sure. Not a single word added to the B.F.R. comic, which was pretty much writing itself last week. Hitting a wall there, I turned my attention back to the screenplay. I don't know why, but the script on the new version of Celtx weighed in at 54 pages, eight pages less than the previous version. That was actually a comfort, since 60 pages should just about equal the halfway point, and I'd say the story itself is only about a third of the way done.

Finished a long scene and started another long one. Was at 63 pages, and spent most of this morning trimming the fat from the scene descriptions, which were far too dense and detailed. Back down to 61 pages. Like to get it to 70 by next Friday and/or finish the first draft of the first issue of the comic.

TV and MOVIES: Still got Love Liza and the two horrors movies from last week, Dog Soldiers and The Zombie Diaries, to watch. If I get time, I'm going to watch the first episode of Castle, which I will be watching just for Nathan Fillion. Watched Absolute Power and True Crime this week, two Clint Eastwood movies I'd never seen. Both were pretty good, predictable thrillers. Both routine stories were elevated by Eastwood's direction and amazing casts. Loved Ed Harris in Absolute Power and James Woods in True Crime. And both films really show what Clint Eastwood can do as an actor.

GAMES: Picked up Street Fighter IV and started the challenges. Only played an hour or two so far, but being a Street Fighter novice, I'm getting my ass handed to me every time. It's good enough that I have no regrets buying it - but it's no Soul Caliber, either.

BOOKS: Absolutely amazing week for graphic novels at work. The Complete Persepolis, Marvel Zombies 2, The Injustice League, and The Goon: Vol. 1 came in. Starting with The Injustice League, 'cause that's the only one I didn't buy. It fits snugly in a larger continuity that I'm not familiar with, not being that big a DC fan (Batman being the obvious exception), but looks to be fun. Starting it later today.

100 pages into Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. I started listening to the unabridged audio version on a road trip two years ago, but after almost 20 hours on the road, round-trip, I was only halfway through this very long novel. Never finished it because I didn't want to just listen to it around the house, nor did I want to start reading it after listening to first half. Weird, maybe - but I either want to read the whole thing or listen to the whole thing.

Right now, I'm devouring the book, even though I know this section of the story. I'm not kidding when I say this is one of the best novels that I have ever read. I usually don't go for English social comedies set in high society in the early 19th century, but you add magic to that and, suddenly, I can get behind it - going as far as to say aloud when reading, "Oh, you didn't just reject a party invitation for Mrs. Goodbridge. You just don't that, dumbass."

* * *

That's it, people. Stay warm and go see Watchmen if you haven't already.

End of line.

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