Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend Plans of the Nerd Kind (April 17th - April 19th)

WRITING: Plan on dedicating several hours a day on the main story I've been working on. I'm nearing the end of the second act, and, oddly enough, I have both too many and too few ideas of how to end the story. The most important thing to do this weekend is to get settled into a schedule again - hard to do when the wife and I work odd hours. For the first two months of this year, I got a schedule locked down around our hours - but it all fell apart last month thanks to illness and other stupid things. I'm just now settling back into a productive groove.

I want two pages of script written a day, and/or 1,000 words of prose (blogs sadly count) completed. Friday and Sundays are my days off - so I want more out of those days.

As the old saying goes: practice, practice, practice...

TV and MOVIES: Need to watch Star Trek IV again for the retrospective, which I haven't seen in a few years (watched it way too much as a kid). I'll probably get in an episode or two of the original series, as well. I'm nearing the end of the first season and I'm surprised by how few episodes of the show I've actually seen - which is pretty cool, because it means I have new Trek to watch. Of the episodes I hadn't seen before, I was especially impressed with this one.

Also have the first season of Spaced checked out from Netflix, and it's also quite rad to have new Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright material to watch. It doesn't have as many laughs as Hot Fuzz (a movie I know hold in the same esteem as Young Frankenstein, Airplane!, and The Naked Gun!) but these guys - along with Jessica Stevenson - know their funny. It's been a real treat.

Speaking of British TV, I bought the fourth season of the new Doctor Who - the best sci-fi going on TV these days - almost three months ago and I'm not even a quarter of the way through it. I'm rationing the last full season of David Tennant's Doctor (Christoper Ecceleston is still my favorite - but that's doesn't mean Tennant isn't damn good at what he does), so I can savor each episode. I might treat myself to an episode this weekend.

GAMES: The gaming group is getting together tonight for Heavy Gear. The wife and I have been doing some Wii Mario Kart. Also, Resident Evil 5 is in the mail from Gamefly. Might be a few days until I get to RE5 - need to wait on my brother for co-op.

BOOKS: Reading The Yiddish Policeman's Union, by Michael Chabon. Love the story, though it can be tough to follow, thanks to my lack of knowledge of Yiddish culture and Michael Chabon's florid prose. Chabon tones down his prose style so the story can emulate classic hard-boiled fiction. Personally, I don't think he toned down enough. Simplicity and striking images are, to me, essential to good noir, but Chabon often plays an ace when a deuce would do. But, man, can Chabon write...

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