Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Force Unleashed (Sith Edition Announcement)

Well, that didn't take long...

Here I was, complimenting Lucasarts last week on some sound, customer-friendly business decisions with their re-releases of classic games on Steam, and then I read something like this. It took Lucasarts only a week to anger my blood.

I don't mind paying for DLC, though the price-point for most of the packages is too high, including Lucasart's first DLC for The Force Unleashed. But the fact that they're going on "Special Edition" with the game, expecting gamers to buy a game they own again for "deleted scenes" is Lucas.

I may give the Sith Edition a rent through Gamefly, but I'm certainly not buying it. I hope you don't, as well. First off, I'm sure the Hoth level will show up a few months after the Sith Edition's release - exclusive content on Live doesn't stay exclusive for long - so save your money. Second - and more importantly - I'm not going to support such a poor, outright greedy business strategy from this company and its owner. You shouldn't, either.

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The Wick said...

Scratch that -- looks like Lucasarts is going to release the Hoth DLC on Live after all. I wonder if that was a miscommunication at Comic Con or if the fan response to such corporate greed was so instantly and largely negative.

Part of me hopes it's the former. Part of me hopes it's the latter. Either way, I'm appeased - unless they expect me to drop another 20 bucks for both levels.