Monday, July 27, 2009

Writing Update (7/27/09)

I'm up at this ungodly hour because I plan on doing all my writing before work from now on, so it's out of the way for the day, which means getting up at six in the morning from now on. I think I can pull it off, but I'm worried about getting used to, even liking it. If I'm not careful, I may end up with a desire to eat at Luby's.

The goal, as always, is for two pages a day and two hundred words or so here. I'll post again in a few weeks with how this goes.

Some good news: I may have an illustrator to collaborate with. One of our two summer temps is an excellent artist whose goal is to break into comics, which is quite serendipitous, because I just happen to be working on two comic scripts whenever my feature script doesn't want to play nice.

Last week I handed him two pages from my feature script, a mystery/horror story, and the first thirteen scripted pages for the first issue of Big F***ing Robots. I told him that the feature is my baby and I only want a few panels from key moments, like a storyboard, for me to see how he would interpret it. That one's my baby, and I want it just right. If I like the look of it, I may adapt it into comic form. With nearly seventy completed pages (out of about 120), that's three or four issues already completed that merely need to be adapted.

On the other hand, I told him to just have fun with the BFR script. As I've said before, it's a valentine to the fourteen year-old version of myself. It's supposed to be fun, and I want the creation of it to be just as fun as reading it. The only note I gave him was that I wanted it to in no way have an anime/manga look.

Keep you posted, people.

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