Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And Another Thing... (Part I)

Imagine, if you will, that it's May 19th, 1999 again. You wake up, make some coffee, pour some cereal, and sit down to your computer to check your e-mail and visit your favorite websites. A half hour later, you find an article about George Lucas linked off of one of your favorite "geek" websites. "Hey, I like George Lucas. He made those three Star Wars movies I used to watch all the time to the point that my wife had an intervention and told me to go outside once and awhile," you think to yourself, and clink on the link.

Halfway through the article, you find out, much to your surprise, that not only is there going to be a new Star Wars movie, but that it's actually out in theaters that very day. It flew completely under your radar. And since it's playing on more screens at your local multiplex than you have actual friends, because you didn't take your wife's advice about leaving the house once in a while, there's a showing at just about anytime you want.

That's pretty much how I felt yesterday to find out, while reading Terry Jones's rather beautiful memorial to Douglas Adams, that not only was there a new Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy novel coming out, one authorized and endorsed by Adam's widow and written by Artemis Fowl author Eion Colfer, but it was actually released that very day. All I had to do was go down to my local bookstore and buy it.

Maybe it's because I'm sick at the moment...but I can't describe the joy and unabashed sentiment I felt while buying the book. This is especially odd since...

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Thom said...

You're not alone: I love both the Hitchhiker's Guide book and Eoin Colfer, and I had no idea about this book until the day it came out.