Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hunter Prey (Part II)

...the film looks pretty damn good. Collora expertly captures the stark beauty of his locations, and the Red Camera system creates crisp, clear images without seeming flat or too perfect. The digital effects are adequate at best, but there aren't many of them, even compared to the average amount of effects shots from sci-fi films of the early 80's. More importantly, they're never needed to carry the story. So who cares? The costumes and prosthetics are the most noteworthy, and both hold up against the fidelity of the Red camera.

The film's meager budget is, I'm assuming, to blame for why there are so few actors in the film, which is the film's true weakness, since it creates numerous story problems. First off, there needed to be more than four surviving soldiers, to make the alien fugitive a legitimate threat as it whittled down their numbers until only Centauri 7 was left. In the finished film, neither the alien or the soldiers feel terribly imposing. It might just be me, but there was a distinct "Pick us off from a distance with a sniper rifle once, shame on you. Pick us off from a distance with a sniper rifle twice, shame on us" vibe to the deaths of Centauri 7's compatriots.

The other soldiers are written off too quickly, with only Centauri 7 left by the end of the first act, leaving far too much time for Centauri 7 and the alien to...

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