Thursday, May 28, 2015

XCOM: Enemy Within - The Long War (Day Two)

So tired.

Baby murdered another piece of my brain tonight. Parenting, man...

Could barely spell "enemy" in the title of tonight's post. Brain hemorrhaging out whatever it needs to turn letters into words. Words into thoughts.

Started new game of The Long War. Checked and double-checked I was on the easiest difficulty setting.

There is no easiest difficulty. There is no hope.

Four squad members panicked on the first mission like they were all Bill Paxton impersonators in Vegas.

Are there Bill Paxton impersonators in Vegas? 'Cause that would be awesome - that Elvis impersonation thing is so played out.

I don't get why people dig Elvis so much. He's not as cool as Bill Paxton in Aliens.

Four squad members panicked at once. The remaining two protested their teammates lying down on the job by, I can only assume, purposely missing every alien on the battlefield.

Nothing good happened after this.

Nothing good will ever happen again, not till sleeptime.

Viva game over, man.


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