Monday, November 21, 2016

Ghost Story (Dresden Files)

First time reading (well, listening to) Ghost Story. I've been rationing out the Dresden Files books slowly, especially now that I'm coming to the last books in the series to date. I waited as long as I could before discovering how Jim Butcher resolved the cliffhanger from Changes. While I won't overtly spoil what said cliffhanger was, just look at the title Ghost Story.

It's not one-for-one, but The Dresden Files books come in two flavors, Harry Dresden wins the day but digs himself deeper into a hole or Harry Dresden wins the day and decreases the chances that he will, to use Butcher's words, "take the southbound train" when his journey is truly over. Ghost Story falls under that second category, even if it's more bittersweet than most.

Still, it's exactly the book I needed right now. Butcher admits that Harry Dresden is bascially Peter Parker, if Spider-Man were allowed to continually change and mature over the years. Both characters speak to me at such a fundamental level. Flawed, human, brave, self-doubting, determinated, regretful, hopeful, and yes, a wise-ass.

And there's good lesson to take away from these books, especially during these times: there's no monster out there that you can't look in the face and mock - preferably with a cheesy Star Wars quote.

Again, exactly what I needed right now.

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