Friday, November 11, 2016

Weekend Plans of the Nerd Kind (11/11 -11/13)

Writing: Not much planned at the moment. We have another round of Indefensibles articles to finish. I haven't attempted a prose work in awhile. I've been playing with doing a Cthulhu Mythos story just for fun. But instead of mimicking Lovecraft's purple prose, I'd thought it'd be fun to tackle that universe in the lean style of Elmore Leonard or Gregory Mcdonald. You know, more dialog than prose. Play with the Mythos, but run as far away from aping Lovecraft as possible.

Could be fun.

TV and Movies: Almost done with Season 5 of Gilmore Girls. It's my first time through the show. The wife's watched it two or three times since it popped up on Netflix. In the past, I'd sit down with her off and on and watch a few episodes. It's now one of our favorite shows. Like a lot of serialized shows, the plotting is a bit wonky to keep the dramatic tension going. But, Jesus, the banter. I live for banter, and I'm not sure anyone does it better.

Speaking of banter, I have The Nice Guys checked out along with Warcraft. Actually more excited to watch Warcraft, but I know The Nice Guys is gonna treat me better. I just need a little fantasy right now, I think, after this goddamned week.

Games: About a quarter of the way through Resident Evil: Revelations. It's not bad - but a big step down when you play it right after Resident Evil 4. That was my second time through RE4, and while I remember liking it the last time, I realized this time around that it's a friggin' masterpiece. At this moment, it might even crack my all-time top ten games.

Anyway, Revelations feels slight in comparison, but it's a nice fusion of classic Resident Evil survival horror (limited ammo and health, the necessity to avoid enemies, etc.) and the more action-oriented direction the series took with RE4. The controls are a huge improvement over RE4, but the limited monster types and backtracking might wear out its welcome. Still, it's a survival horror game on a giant cruise ship. That's pretty kick-ass for a Deep Rising fan like me.

Books: Finally getting around to picking up The Dreden Files again. Getting near the end of the series with Ghost Story. Not much to say about it so far. Maybe more on that next week.

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