Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gygax, D&D 3rd Edition, 4th Edition (Part III)

Let’s wrap this up quickly, I’m about done with this subject for now.

I love playing 3.5, though I’ll certainly agree that there are elements that could – should – be streamlined or corrected, like the ones mentioned yesterday, which 4th Edition promises to do. And I think the D&D Insider and D&DI Game Table programs are long overdo, something that should’ve been around since 3rd Edition’s original release, though I fear they’ll charge extra for new minis, rules, races, classes, and items on top of their standard monthly fee ($9.98).

In fact, it’s only that fear which gives me doubt about this new edition. I know Wizards can make a great roleplaying game. But I fear there are elements – most likely the suits at Hasbro – that are more concerned about keeping players dropping cash on a regular basis than creating a rich, enjoyable RPG experience. And this time, I think this greed is being built, at least in some part, into the core rules and design philosophy from the ground up.

One last post on this tomorrow. Promise.

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