Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Mist (Novella and Film - Part II)

What I didn’t like about The Mist:

* Frank Darabont removes all the ambiguity from the story – the reason why the novella was so creepy and lingered in fans’ imaginations for years. He doesn’t do a bad job filling in the blanks – but it’s all unnecessary, robbing the story of much of its power.

* Darabont, probably afraid of having The Mist called slow after The Green Mile and The Majestic, overcompensates and rushes through the first act when more time was needed to properly set up the characters and the Arrowhead Project. A slow, suspenseful build, that took time to develop characters and atmosphere, would have yielded a much scarier payoff.

* Shaky camera with tons of pans and zooms + long dialog scenes = weird pacing.

* The ending. Didn’t like it. Not for its bleakness – though, after reading the last word of King’s story, “hope,” I did just that. It’s one of the possible endings suggested in the novella, but it’s too rushed to be moving or believable. These characters aren’t traditional movie heroes – but they are fighters. I can’t believe they would give up so quickly, simply saying: “Well, shit, we’re out of gas… Hey, we still got that gun?”

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