Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (Not So Early Thoughts)

* Shotguns are still ridiculously overpowered, especially over long distances, one of the bigger complaints from the original game. Playing a Terrorist Hunt online this morning, my entire team and I were killed from half a football field away by a flanking solider wielding a Spas 12. Insult to injury: this was on realistic difficulty.

* Finished the convention center last night in story mode. I can’t put my finger on what exactly makes this game’s story mode more enjoyable than its predecessor, but I’m loving the hell out of it. If it wasn’t for the co-op story mode, I don’t think I would have played through the first game twice – not that the campaign was bad, but just full of enough frustrating moments to discourage me from playing it again. This time, I’m doing the co-op first, then playing through those same levels again to try out different tactics with my A.I. squad…

* …who seem much improved this time around. I trust them enough now to order them ahead to take point, without fearing they’ll just “red shirt” it up a notch, doing me no good except to notify that the threat ahead is serious.

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