Monday, March 3, 2008

Stargate SG-1 (First Season – Initial Thoughts)

Certain parties, if you will, have been on my ass to watch Stargate SG-1 for years now, though I had stressed adamantly to them that I had no desire to watch it. I don’t care much for TV Sci-Fi, outside of Trek and Firefly, and I refused to believe that you could replace Kurt Russell with...MacGyver. Kurt Russell was Jack Burton, man – along with many other diverse and impressive ass-kicking credentials to his good name.

Plus, unlike Richard Dean Anderson, Kurt Russell can pull off a mullet.

Anyway, I finally borrowed the first season, and it doesn’t take long to warm up to Anderson and the rest of the cast. If it wasn’t for their performances, SG-1 probably wouldn’t have stayed on the air for long. The first season gets off on a extremely shaky start. It’s already used about every TV sci-fi show cliché in the book – aliens possessing the SG-1 team, a crew member suffering from rapid aging, an alien duplicating a team member, and, sadly, aliens possessing the SG-1 team...again.

It is getting better as the show finds itself. I’ve got two more discs to go. Another rant to come after I finish the first season.

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