Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekend Plans of the Nerd Kind (March 14th - March 16th)

TV and MOVIES: I can’t remember the name of the episode, but “The Others” were mentioned for the first time on Lost. Need to get back to that. To my surprise, we actually had a copy of Morvern Callar at work, which was on The New Cult Cannon on The Onion A.V. Club a few weeks ago. From the clips on their site, that shit looks mad freaky.

GAMES: Gamefly assures me that Splinter Cell: Double Agent for the original Xbox is in transit to me, but it’s been over a week. I completed the 360 version almost a year ago, so it felt like time to try the version for the old black behemoth, which shares the same premise but features completely different levels and gameplay. The Splinter Cell series has never been easy, but the levels in Double Agent for the 360, which featured outdoor environments in broad daylight with limited cover and no shadows in which to hide, were especially maddening. Though it is, in a way, a step backwards, I welcome a return to the shadows and traditional Splinter Cell gameplay that Double Agent on the Xbox promises.

BOOKS: Haunted mansions and zombies are planned for the weekend, just the way I likes it, with Richard Matheson’s Hell House and Books One and Two of The Walking Dead. Life is good.

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