Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bioshock (Second Pass - Part I)

As anyone who knows me can attest, I am an incredibly lame person with this weird Boy Scout, goody-good streak that affects almost every decision I make.

Even when I play videogames.

If a videogame presents me with the choice between good and evil, I always go with good. Then, a few months later, I’ll play through it a second time and try the evil path. And then, sometimes, a few months after that, I’ll play through the game again, taking the good path again to get that evil taste out of my mouth.

As previously stated, I was going through Bioshock a second time, to pick up a few missed achievements and see the “evil” ending. Well, I got to my first little sister and picked her up, and then – not kidding, folks – I hesitated. From behind me, my wife, who was in the room playing Animal Crossing on the DS, said, “Oh, Man…”

“What?” I said, turning to her.

She looked up at me, the DS stylus still in her mouth (God, that’s hot), and said half-seriously, “You’re not going to…kill her, are you?”

(Wrap this up tomorrow.)

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