Thursday, April 10, 2008

Justice League: The New Frontier

I’m a Marvel Comics guy all the way, but there’s no denying that DC has got them beat hands down when it comes to translating their characters to animation. I’ve watched two of Marvel’s shittastic straight-to-DVD films –medicore animation, insultingly lazy storytelling – and by the end of each, I wanted to club my eyes into bloody pasty goo with my DVD remote.

Popping Justice League: The New Frontier, I had no fear of ending the night with severe, self-inflicted ocular trauma. It’s the best thing I’ve seen from Bruce Timm and the talent behind Batman: The Animated Series since that classic show. And while it suffers from the same problems that have plagued every straight-to-DVD release from Marvel and DC – the story is rushed and often lacks focus – it’s easily the best of that bunch.

I'd give it a shot, even if you are a DC hater.

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