Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rambo: First Blood Part II (The Rant - Part II)

if Rambo was one of three names that the Pentagon dug out of a computer (load “crazy-ass mother search”,8,1), how screwed up were the other two guys the military didn’t go with? I mean, if they went with Rambo, the nutter who shot up half a small town in the Pacific Northwest (but didn’t kill anyone…intentionally – which, you know, kinda makes it OK), that means they went with what they felt was the best choice. Right?   No matter how ridiculous it was, an explanation as to why they choose Rambo would’ve been nice, even if it was something like this:


Trautman and Rambo stare at each other through a chain-link fence.
TRAUTMAN: A covert operation is being geared up in the Far East. Three names were dug up out of a computer, three men strong enough, brave enough, and crazy enough to complete a mission of this kind. Philip Montebleu, Reginald Miller, and you… (Beat.) We choose you, Rambo.

RAMBO: Why me? Why not Montebleu or Miller?

TRAUTMAN: Well, Philip Montebleu is now Philippa Montebleu. He had a sex change operation, joined the circus. His stage name is Philippa – The Warrior Queen.

RAMBO: And Miller?

TRAUTMAN (hesitant): Runs the sporting goods department at his local Wal-Mart. They…uh…wouldn’t let him have the week off.

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