Monday, April 21, 2008

Team Fortress 2 (Getting the 360 Controller to Work on the PC and New Medic Achievements and Weapons)

my average score has more than doubled, and I’ve frequently placed in the top three, something I rarely achieve on the PC.
It’s official: I am now better with a controller than I am with a mouse & keyboard. Whether that means I’m just really rockin’ with a 360 controller or just really suck with a mouse & keyboard, I don’t know. It is not my place to judge. History will have to decide.
If you peruse the Steam forums like I do, then you might be surprised by the overwhelming hostility towards the new medic achievements and weapons – which haven’t even been released yet.
I’m going to hold off on publishing most of my opinions until the update is released, but let's just say I think Valve knows what it’s doing. The medic is the most underused class in the game. There tends to be a surplus of engineers and shortage of medics on the average team – and one medic can turn defeat into victory. And if this gets people playing them more, then all the better.
I’m just worried about the first few weeks after its release, when the achievement whores will no doubt spam servers with unneeded medics.

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