Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cloverfield (Part II)

not unlike the original Godzilla, which was accused after its release of exploiting the massive devastation Japan suffered in World War II and the country’s obvious anxiety towards the atomic age. But the original Godzilla, cheesy and awesome as it was, had something to say – which is why that film holds up after all these years. Cloverfield lacks the substance of Godzilla, its most obvious inspiration. It’s built exclusively to scare – and in that it succeeds.

What makes the film so scary? It isn’t the first person camera gimmick, though that does help. Like Godzilla, it’s got one hell of a monster. I’ve already said how I feel about CGI in horror films, but the computer generated monster in Cloverfield is incredibly designed and animated. It looks truly alien and comes across like a feral animal, scared to be an environment alien to it, which, with the exception of King Kong, makes it very different – and much more terrifying – than the other giant monsters who often have no motivation for fucking shit up other than for fucking shit up’s sake.

It's the most compelling and terrifying computer generated creature I've seen in a film since

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