Friday, May 30, 2008

Cloverfield (Part III)

Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings. It helps that the filmmakers have taken to heart what made Jaws and Alien so effective: the less we see of the monster, the scarier it is. This is where the first person camera gimmick pays off, because we only see the monster when the main characters see it, and director Matt Reeves wisely holds off on completely showing the creature until the end of the film.

The problem is that I already started to lose interest in the film by that point. The film suffers from several problems that should be corrected for the sequel – and I’d love to see a sequel to this film that would keep what works and fix what didn’t. Here’s a quick list of complaints, so this rant can end and I can start picking on Rambo:

* The parasites didn’t work – though the consequences being bitten was filmed to creepy perfection. It’s a good idea, the monsters look good, but they are first shown easily tearing through a squad of soldiers, and then the creatures go down like chumps when they attempt to snack on the protagonists, a bunch of pampered twenty-somethings who can barely work a digital camera...

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