Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Team Fortress 2 (Gold Rush and Medic Achievements - Part III)


...you’re an easy, obvious target for Spies, Pyros, and Snipers. Also, your success as a medic is just as dependent on your skill as the skill of the person you’re healing, and players often become overconfident due to the extra health or neglect to watch your back, and that’s not doing anybody any good.

But when everything comes together perfectly, I don’t think there’s a more enjoyable class to play in TF2. I’ve only unlocked the first of the three new weapons, the Blutsauger, the only weapon of the three I want in my loadout, and it’s a handy weapon to have when your medic buddy has just been killed and you’ve got precious little health left and need to make a hasty retreat.

The achievements to unlock these weapons are a strange lot. They range from the ridiculously easy (Surgical Prep, Midwife Crisis) to the ridiculously hard (Placebo Effect, Medical Breakthrough, and Big Pharma). Some are truly brilliant, funny ideas, but aren’t necessarily in the best interest of your team to attempt unless you’re dominating the opposition (You’ll Feel a Little Prick, Blunt Trauma).

Some, though, are...

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