Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor Adventures - Season 2



The first episode of the second season is up on BBC7. The writing is more in line with the classic Doctor Who show instead of the current series, I'm afraid, but it's good to see Paul McGann get a chance to flesh out his take on the Doctor. He could have been one of the best (watch or listen to Shada - he can keep up with Douglas Adams's inspired lunacy, and that's no small feat), and hopefully he'll somehow make it into the current run of the TV show.

This is just one of many attempts I've made to push BBC7 onto people. I think radio dramas are still a viable medium, as long as you have good actors, strong dialog, and a rich imagination to make the story come alive in your mind. The British have kept the radio drama alive and well. May some deity bless them for it.

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