Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fallout 3 (Pre-Purchase Doubts)

I want to be excited for this one, but I'm not even sure I want to play it. I dig the Fallout series - and there's been a lack of pulpy nuclear apocalypse stories in any medium for awhile now - but I just got a lot of Bethesda hate in my heart. I played both Elder Scrolls III and IV for several hours and found them to be ugly, buggy, and just plain boring - and don't even get me started on Star Trek: Legacy.

Personally, I think Fallout 3 should have remained a 2D, top-down, completely turn-based game. I don't think I'm living in the past, because there's a wealth of new and excellent 2D games still being made for the DS, the PSP, and XBOX Live Arcade, and I would love a new 2D Fallout for one of these systems - especially the PSP.

I might have to rent it on Gamefly, though I don't like renting RPGs through their service, because it's not very cost effective to have one game checked out for a month or two. Or I might ask the wife for it for Christmas. It might sound strange - since her money is my money - but I'd love to play it without personally throwing down sixty bucks.

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