Friday, March 27, 2009

The Clone Wars (Season 1 Recap)

I planned on chronicling one Star Wars fan's highs and lows (especially the lows - face it, the highs aren't funny), with thoughts on each episode of the first season of The Clone Wars. I stopped about two-thirds into the season. Here's what happened:

The week after The Hidden Enemy came out, I had nothing interesting to say about the show. I meant to get around to it, since I liked the episode - but then came the Blue Shadow Virus episodes, which were so amazingly, appallingly bad (even worse than the Clone Wars movie) that I just gave up - not on the show, but spending the time to talk about it. Frankly, I had better things to do.

So here's a very, very quick rant on the end of Season 1:

The season ended decently enough, with only The Hidden Enemy matching the quality of Rookies, Lair of Grievous, or Trespass - the show's best episodes to date. The Ryloth were too disconnected to ever build much momentum, though the action scenes still delivered in that way that only Star Wars can. And the final episode, Hostage Crisis, introduced new characters and a new level of carnage, but then everything circled the bowl when Ziro the Hutt (*) showed up for what seems to be the required annoying character with lame jokes section of the story.

I'll be back for Season 2. I never judge a sci-fi show by its first season. And, hey, I'm that kind of Star Wars fan. I haven't decided whether I'll take the time to post about it, though. That will depend on the quality of the episodes. It'll have to get a lot better or a lot worse to make it worth my time.

* When I heard about the character last summer, I was actually amused by the idea. I never thought of the character as gay (pondering the sexual mechanics/practices of fictional aliens is not something I do with my leisure time - unless I'm posting fan fiction erotica on Livejournal). I just thought he would look like a normal Hutt with a more "Capote-ish" face and voice. Instead, he looked like a tarted-up, two galactic credit Hutt whore.

I should have remembered before seeing the film that Star Wars + Humor - Harrison Ford = fall flat on face. It's not that the character sounds like Capote or is "gay." He's quite literally the Queen of All Gay Slug Stereotypes.

Even worse, he's just not funny.

Now if Mr. Bane had shown up to kill him... That might have made the whole Clone Wars movie worth it.

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