Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Plans of the Nerd Kind (March 27th - March 29th)

Been a slow two weeks. Had family and friends come into town - and it was the wife's birthday this week. So, for the sake of staying in good standing with friends, family, and wives, I decided not to spend all day, every day in my office this week. Though, it must be said, I felt the call all week.

Nothing new on comic script. Only two pages have been added to the screenplay since last posting two weeks ago (I know, I know - I suck). Some solid revisions were done - and, more importantly, one crucial piece of exposition was finally wedged into the story, which has been absent until now because I couldn't get it into the story without the pace of the story coming to a crashing halt. It was actually quite easy, once I saw how do it - merely requiring the tweaking of two different lines in two different scenes. I think it fits naturally enough that it won't stick out as forced exposition.

TV and MOVIES: Nothing planned. Don't have much free time this weekend.

GAMES: Hope to get in some Team Fortress 2 this weekend. It's been a while since I've played the game, and I've logged in about three hours or so this week. Haven't toyed with the Scout much - since the class is still being used too much. This week, I choose to work on my Heavy and Demoman skills. I'm pretty good with the former, decent with the latter - but my performance with both classes still need improvement.

The wife got Super Mario Galaxy and the Wii Mario Kart for her birthday - so most of my gaming this weekend will be with her.

BOOKS: 500 pages into Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell...out of 1,008. Right now, I feel like I will never finish this book. Still enjoying it, though.

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