Monday, July 13, 2009

Space Marines (First Trailer)

Somehow, even though it was announced at E3, I just found out about Space Marines this weekend. Its relative lack of coverage made me think it was just a cheap cash-in, until I found out that Relic is making it. Relic's name alone puts this game near the top of my wish list.

The trailer is rather rad - though not as impressive as Dawn of War 2's opening cinematic, which is so good that I still watch it occasionally when the game loads up (Relic should start making a half-hour CG animated show in this style.)

The game looks to be an action-RPG in the vein of Diablo or Marvel Ultimate Alliance: in other words, a "click-click-click" RPG. That means that Relic's going to have their hands full making this game match the quality of their previous 40K titles, because I've yet to play a "click-click-click" game that didn't become stale and repetitive long before the end credits.

Still, my love for space marines in any franchise - whether it be Aliens, Starcraft, or 40K - is deep and unwavering. Consider me down.

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