Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nintendo 3DS (Release Date Announced)

* $249.99, huh? Sounds like you'll get your money's worth, but it's hard to imagine casual gamers dropping that much on a device that can't make a phone call.

* March 27th isn't far away, and there are still no demo models in stores for people to see the 3D. An odd choice, to me. Of course, I doubt this will need much help selling -- but word of mouth never hurts.

* No second analog nub for shooters. Really? I guess the stylus and touch screen make up for that, but it's a poor substitute.

* The safety announcements are a bit disconcerting -- especially since this would mean that Nintendo is recommending users to not watch a whole movie in 3D, one of the system's big selling points, in one go.

* There will be a virtual shop with 3DS, DSi, and Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles, according to IGN. Surprised that Advance titles won't be featured -- but I'm shocked to see that NES, Super Nintendo, and 64 games will not be included. Seems like Nintendo would want to sell you Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda for the sixth or seventh time, 'cause they know people would pick it up just have a portable version of these classics. You may laugh, but I know you people...for I know the deep dark recesses of my impulse-buying heart.

* Will I get one? Probably -- but not right away. I've got a huge backlog of DS and GBA games still to play, thanks to Gamefly. I don't worry about quality control with Nintendo like I do with Sony or Microsoft, but I'll still wait for Nintendo to get the bugs out , and to avoid the long lull period between the first wave of games and the second, which usually ends around Christmas time.

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