Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Titanfall (First Impressions)

Tonight, I piloted a big-ass robot in a video game. Said big-ass robot shot and punched other big-ass robots, who shot and punched my big-ass robot in return. (Also, I shot, stomped, and punched fellow human combatants who were not lucky enough to be piloting a big-ass robot like me... but that doesn't sound as cool or classy, does it?)

Our side had lost the battle, but a drop ship was coming down from orbit to collect the survivors, giving the losing side one last little victory to eke out. My robot charged to the evac site that was on top of a building on the other side of the map... only to find two enemy robots waiting there for me and my fellow survivors.

After a frantic firefight, another robot and myself took down the enemy robots -- but my big-ass robot was catastrophically damaged and about to become a big-ass explosion in a few short seconds. I quickly ejected from the robot like a pilot from a jet fighter. I shot straight up dozens of feet in the air.  At the height of my upward arc, I noticed the drop ship waiting below me. I timed my fall just right and using my jet pack (I mentioned there were jet packs, right?), I angled myself directly into the side door of the drop ship just before it took off into the sky and warped directly into orbit.

This experience is a thing that happened to me tonight in a video game.

The video game is called Titanfall.

You should buy Titanfall.

End of line.

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