Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gygax, D&D 3rd Edition, 4th Edition (Part I)

I see the passing of Gary Gygax just months before the release of the 4th Edition of D&D as nothing more than coincidence – but certainly a strange, curious coincidence. This isn’t the first edition made without his involvement, and he wasn’t particularly fond of the 3rd Edition. I think he would’ve liked Wizards of the Coast’s plans for 4th Edition even less.

I have no wish to bag on Wizards. These people resurrected D&D with the 3rd Edition. Faithful in spirit to the original game, it fixed dozens of counter-intuitive rules and ridiculous race/class restrictions. And putting the d20 rule-set in the public domain is pretty righteous, since this is the same company that created Magic: The Gathering, a card game that robbed many of our young of both their money and their eternal souls.

I’m excited about the 4th Edition. Granted, I think it’s a bit too soon, since an edition a decade is about right to me, and it’s only been five years since 3.5. And there’s certainly some avarice in their 4th Edition plans – or there wouldn't be things like this. But there are some problems with 3.5 which become apparent at later levels that need fixing in the 4th Edition.

Pick it up from there tomorrow.

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