Friday, March 7, 2008

Gygax, D&D 3rd Edition, 4th Edition (Part II)

Here’s where, to me, 3.5 starts to run out of steam. After level 15 or so, your character’s power is somewhere between a superhero and a god. Even with a solid DM, strategy and the proper application of skills are often thrown out the window because spellcasters and their level 7-9 spells are too powerful. Combat becomes a weird combination of paper, rock, scissors and the worst “techno-babble” of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The content below is not as much of an exaggeration as it first seems:

DUNGEON MASTER: The Blackguard inverses the shield polarity on his stoneskin and charges his deflector amulet to cast a meteor storm charged with anti-protons at you. It will go off next turn.

GUY PLAYING THE FIGHTER (annoyed/to DM): Lame… (to wizard) Better think of something…

GUY PLAYING THE WIZARD: I, I…I recalibrate my warp braclets, creating a Bigby’s Quantum Singularity directly behind him, neutralizing his stoneskin. Then I fire three ionized magic missiles into the singularity, and the gravitational field it creates should suck the Blackguard right into it. It would be like, uh, like…

GUY PLAYING THE FIGHTER (fed up): …like a guy pulling random shit out of his ass!

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