Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (Story Mode)

Finished the story mode. The gameplay stays strong throughout, but the story fizzles out quickly in the standard Ubisoft/Tom Clancy fashion. As much as I’ve enjoyed the Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell series, they’ve never been able to sustain a solid, involving story. True, I’m not playing Vegas 2 for its story, I’m playing it because those tangos aren’t going to take themselves down…but, story-wise, there’s the potential there for so much more.

Having only one act out of seven take place after the original game is an odd decision, and the story's end is abrupt and anticlimactic. Before the game was announced, I assumed that the sequel wouldn't even take place in Las Vegas, with Ubisoft moving the story to another picturesque city – I was thinking Tokyo, the only city that could possibly out-neon Las Vegas, which I would’ve preferred over just revisiting previous events from a different angle.

And it was pretty hard to give a shit about Nowak, the main villain. I couldn’t even muster the energy to mildly dislike him: turns out he was always a whiny douche, who just grew whinier and douchier with time.


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