Wednesday, March 26, 2008

South Park Studios

This, my friends, is totally rad.

There’s only one other long-running show that I know which legally has every episode free on-line: Lost. Even back in 1997, when South Park was on the cover of every magazine and every kid had a Cartman tee-shirt, it wasn’t hard to find a website with rips of all the episodes. In fact, if I remember right, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, a little younger, smarter, and hipper than their TV contemporaries, publicly endorsed these sites.

They were smart enough to know that people like me, who acquired the first few episodes through extra-legal means (one of the few times I’ve ever done this – seriously) would start tuning into the show on Comedy Central once they were out of shitty Real Player rips and/or start buying the merchandise. Hopefully, if this is successful, more shows will hop on the bandwagon and copy Parker and Stone’s tactic to combat illegal downloading – and, of course, make a tidy little profit, but, hey, it’s theirs and they deserve it.

Either way, further proof that these guys rock.

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