Monday, April 7, 2008

Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2 (Official Announcement - Part III)

and companies like Blizzard and Valve have had their continued success because they are aware that gamers can’t buy new hardware every few months to accommodate the latest technical advances. If World of Warcraft required a video card with pixel shader 74.1 and a dual core processor, it wouldn’t have three out of ten slots on this chart – and no one would accuse them of making gameplay sacrifices because of it.

(To stay off buying Sins of Solar Empire for another day or two, I downloaded the demo and it ran in the highest resolution that my monitor supports, 1680 x 1050, with all the settings on high. True, not the most technically advanced game out there – but that shit’s got scale, baby.)

True, comparing an RTS to a MMORPG is a bit apples and oranges, but when Starcraft 2 finally comes out, I imagine it will run just as well on older systems as Warcraft 3 and WoW did when they came out – and without looking like complete ass, either. I’m certainly buying Starcraft 2 and Dawn of War 2 when they're released – I never tire of Space Marines – but I’m not shelling out several hundred dollars to get either to run well, even if their predecessors are two of my favorite games.

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The Wick said...

Oh, one more thing:

Even though Dawn of War 2 was announced eleven months after Starcraft 2, and even though Blizzard wants to get Starcraft 2 out by the end of 2008 and Relic wants to get Dawn of War 2 out by the Spring of 2009, how much do you want to bet that Dawn of War 2 comes out first?