Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Am Legend (2007 Film - Part I)

I have to agree with about every review I read on the latest film adaptation of I Am Legend: it’s a pretty good monster movie until the monsters show up.

I knew going in that this film would have little to do with Richard Matheson’s brilliant novel and I told myself to just enjoy it for what is. And the first half is pretty good… surprisingly good, in fact. Will Smith finally drops the smart-ass “Will Smith” character from Independence Day and Men in Black, one of the elements that ruined I, Robot and could have potentially ruined this film, and his performance is what makes the film work as well as it does.

I’ve got two big issues with the movie. The first is too much CGI. Now, I’m not a CGI hater, but it should only be used when there’s no other way to produce a desired shot – especially in a horror movie, because making the audience believe in what they’re seeing on screen is the only way to generate suspense, and nothing breaks the illusion more than crappy CGI. Director Francis Lawrence’s decision to make the vampires/zombies/whatever the hell they’re supposed to be completely computer generated robs the film of any genuine scares. As good as Smith’s performance is…

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