Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekend Plans of the Nerd Kind (April 3rd - April 5th)

WRITING: New laptop, baby. The desktop in my office, almost ten years old now, was in a different room from our router and was without a wireless card. The lack of Internet was not only annoying but slowing me down. More importantly, the even older CRT monitor started emitting a high pitch ringing a few weeks ago which is now constant. I figured I had two options: get a new monitor or laptop, or keep using that monitor steadily until I went deaf to that frequency of sound. While the latter was free, I chose the former.

Still getting everything set up the way I like it - and taming Vista (this is my first real experience with the infamous OS) is proving to be more of a challenge than originally anticipated. Got Celtx and OpenOffice installed. I have five writing projects set up for myself, listed here by priority.

1) Screenplay
2) Comic script
3) Geek 101 test & quizzes
4) D&D campaign
5) Geek Emporium Posts

I'm going to start with the screenplay every day and work my way down the list until I find the right fit for my daily temperament. I work best this way, and I want to make the investment of a new writing computer worth it.

TV and MOVIES: First season of Eureka if I find the time. I picked it up used for the wife this week. Also have Max Payne checked out from work, though I know it will hurt me.

GAMES: Hope to spend some time with the 4th ED. DM Guide and Monster Manual this weekend, since I picked them up along with Eureka this week (total purchase was under 40 dollars - I love my connections). Since our group isn't playing 4th ED., because most of us didn't particularly care for it, I may have to come up with something on my own for the "geek 101" test subject.

Also, if there's time, I plan on painting my first mini. Picked up some plastic primer while the wife and I were already out at the hardware store this morning. The wife, being the "crafty" person she is, already has some old paints and brushes. The minis are from our friend Mike's unpainted Warhammer Quest box sets, which we used for our 4th ED campaign. Mike gave us his blessing to paint some, since poorly painted minis still beat unpainted minis any day. So, even if I really suck at this and don't enjoy the hobby, I'm only out five bucks for the primer. I'll post some pictures if my Sunday is suitably lazy enough to undertake this task.

Lastly, the Wii Virtual Console released Super Punch-Out!!! this week. Never played it before, but we all know how I like my Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!!

: Nearing the end of Jonathan Strange - only 200 pages left. I have loved every page of this novel - but, right now, I just want the fucking thing to end. When I finish it, I'm going to spike it like a football and do a victory dance.

I shit you not.

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